January 22, 2008

A Godly response to tragedy

Quotes from Rick Burgess regarding the death of his precious two year old son, Bronner.

Satan made a huge mistake attacking my family. He miscalculated greatly.

So many lives have already been changed because of the appointment God had with him.

The biggest injustice you can do to my son, to my family, to God, is to leave here unchanged.

Bronner is in the care of the only Father who loves him more than me, the Father who he really belongs to.

Satan you have kicked up a can of worms

The fight is on.


Tom said...

This was a tragedy. But God can turn it around. Rick has already been such a witness to many prople. I liked it when he said Satan kicked over a can of worms. I think Satan is about to get more than he bargained for!

Mike said...

Tom...you are so right! God has, and is, turning it around. It is a classic case of turning satan's attacks into God's victory. God's army is mobilizing and is on the move. I really respect those guys. They have chosen to honor God in their life and their vocation. Bubba told a national audience this morning about the Goodness of God!