January 10, 2008

Bigger than Before

The above is the title of a sermon preached by our Associate Pastor Shayl0n Sharp. Below are some notes from that sermon.

Some of the church staff went to a seminar on the universe. After they walked out they realized God was bigger than before. It hit them anew that God was the creator of it all.

Psalm 19 -"Unspoken truth is spoken everywhere."-(Shaylon read this particular quote from The Message.)

So often we make Him to0 small. We are like Him but He is not like us.

If we are the center of the Universe it is too big but we're not.

All of Creation is about God.

The Milky Way is so big if we counted 1 star per second it would take 2500 years to finish counting them. Yet Isaiah says God calls each by name.

Again, we tend to undersize God.

In comparison to the Milky Way, the solar system is like quarter laying on the North American Continent.

Sometimes we think too much of ourselves and not enough of God.

Who are we to tell God what we will believe and how we will live?

One irony: The creator of the world chose to hang from a cross made from trees HE made.

Shaylon said all this to say this. He is bigger than your sins or problems. Remember how great God is.


Mike said...

Amen! I posted this Psalm today on my blog. Good to find you.

Mike said...

Awesome points! We are really so clueless. I think Rich Mullins once sang that we are not as big as we think we are...

Sandie said...

I know God is bigger than we even image, and I know in my heart that He can and will handle my situation and that there is a purpose and a plan for my life! I know that. But what if I keep messing up. How many times will God hold my hand, when I keep letting go of His?

Mike said...

I don't know you Sandie, but God passionately loves you and desires a close relationship with you.

Sandie said...

I have been brought up in a Christian home all my life, and I myself am a Christian Mom and wife. I struggle with knowing what God wants me to do, so I am constantly searching, therefore, messing up. I know God tells me to be still. In fact, I quit my job and am doing just that. I am just being still (trying to anyway), but I find myself looking earnestly for jobs and getting angry because I don't know what God wants me to do!

Mike said...

I will pray for you in this regard. Let me encourage you to seek Him and surrender all to Him.