April 13, 2008

A few thoughts.....

....from today's sermon at The Crossing

1. The enemy does not hate our rebuke as much as he does our worship, repentence and obedience.

2. God requires the best because He gave his best.

3. We were created to be worshippers and warriors, giving God total devotion, obedience and repentence.

Pastor Michael Sharp.


Mike said...

Today at church the pastor talked about the Second Coming. He pointed out that we don't hear as much said about that as we used to. He pointed out that the longest answer Jesus ever gave to a question was on this subject. I don't have my notes handy at the moment but I believe it was in Matthew 25. We need to be ready!

Bible Teaching Church in Mississauga said...

Great reminder for us! Everything has a purpose and my life made for God's purpose. He created me to become a worshiper. Thank God!