August 18, 2007

A moment in time

Today, I attended the funeral of one of the older saints in our church. During the service Pastor related a story I wanted to share.

Jake was a WW2 veteran. He accepted Christ at the age of 11. During the war, he was in a foxhole with one of his buddies. During this time God allowed Jake to share the Gospel with this young man. Minutes later that foxhole was hit and that young man stepped into eternity and into the prescence of God. Because of Jake's faithfullness and obedience to share that man met his Maker right with Him.

I want to encourege all Christians to consider Jake's example and be faithful and obedient. I encourage non-Christians to consider the other young man. Any presentation of the Gospel you hear could be your last chance to know God.

Take advantage of this moment in time God has given you.

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