July 03, 2007

You are so blessed!

Have you ever had a down day? Who hasn't? We all do that. Sometimes the reason we get down is that we look at our circumstances and compare them to the circumstances of other people. That can get us down. Sometimes we compare our circumstances to what we would consider an "ideal" situation.

The problem is that we often pick out our worst circumstances and focus on those. God never promised that everything would go our way. What we do so often though is ignore the truth of how good we actually have it.

If we are going to play the "comparison" game, we should compare ourselves to the rest of the people in the world, past and present. We might also compare ourselves to Christ Himself! Most of us who are able to read this post will have to admit that we fare quite well.

Enjoy this presentation and reflect on just how blessed you are today!

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Tom said...

Great post! All great points, Mike